Ways to Cook with the Mexican Spirit

Your favorite bottle of tequila isn’t only for the bar. You’ll also enjoy having it in the kitchen. Not taking a shot but giving your recipes a tequila touch. Here we will go over some ways to cook with the Mexican spirit for your next meal!

Below are some ideas to consider when cooking with Tequila:

  1.    Baby back ribs glazed with Margarita.

Fresh citrus and tequila do not only make an incredible combo for margaritas but can also be used as a marinade. The lime juices, acidic orange and tequila’s bite cut through the meat. The marinade can be made not only as a glaze but even as a dipping sauce.Ways to Cook with the Mexican Spirit

  1.  Chicken thighs with tequila lime.

Use Golden Reposado tequila for this recipe. With its smoky   and woody personality, the tequila complements the grill perfectly well. Marinate the chicken   for at least eight hours to achieve a robust, full tequila flavor.

      3.  Queso Fundido infused with tequila.

With tequila, the melted cheese got the luscious texture. Queso Fundido should be consumed right after it was made.

       4. Tequila Chili.

This is simple, quick and gives a nice flavor. It is also very easy to prepare and make, making it a great meal even during the weeknights.

       5. Burgers with Tequila Lime.

You can consider adding coconut to this recipe. Or just take a shot of tequila after dinner. That is sure fun!

       6. Grilled Shrimp with Margarita.

Margarita marinade does not just play well with baby back ribs but even with shrimp. Indeed, it does not hurt to add even a little touch of tequila.

        7. Tipsy Fruit.

Well, you’ll only have to add and mix a small amount of tequila, agave nectar dressing, and lime juice to a combination of fresh fruits like watermelon, strawberries, and pineapple.

There are lots of ways to cook with tequila. So, make it an enjoyable experience and have fun cooking!