The Best Mixers with the Mexican Spirit

With the right ingredients, you can come up with incredible tequila cocktails other than a margarita (although this one also tastes awesome). Below is a list of some of the best mixers you can have for tequila.

  1.   Soda. Any soda will work but we recommend using seltzer with high mineral content.
  2.   Grapefruit soda. A tequila mixed with grapefruit soda makes a subtly bitter, citrusy, and downright crush-able cocktail.
  3.    Pineapple juice. A tequila mixed with pineapple juice makes a tropical, peppery, grassy and vegetal cocktail. You can have either a fresh pineapple juice or the canned one.
  4.    Agave Syrup. Want an old-fashioned tequila without the bitters? Go and grab a mixing glass, nice ice, bar spoon, and agave syrup and a bottle of tequila.
  5.    Orange Juice. Tequila mixed with orange juice makes a highly quaffable, light and refreshing drink. You can use either a fresh juice or a bottled variety. If you choose the former, whip air into it to make the cocktail almost creamy and fluffy.
  6.    Tomato juice. Want to have a Bloody Mary but you do not have a vodka? Well, you can have a tequila mixed with tomato juice in place of it.
  7.    Eggs. Want something new? Try mixing tequila with egg. But if you haven’t had one or tried it, it would be better to leave this mixer behind first.
  8.    Milk. This may be quite odd for some but milk can actually work well with tequila. The mix is called Leche Mexicana and sometimes served as a cocktail parties welcome guest.
  9.    Ginger beer. If you are a fan of Moscow mule, you may also love ginger beer in tequila. This spicy mixer can also work well with your favorite Mexican spirit.
  10.    Lemonade. Tequila and lemonade make a sweet and smooth cocktail.

There you go! Grab any of the ingredients and let the fun get started.