Tequila Facts You Should Not Miss

How many years have you been drinking tequila or tequila cocktails? Do you already know everything about your favorite Mexican spirit?

Although we don’t really need to learn everything, being knowledgeable about the drink you love can also make a difference. You may love this spirit even more. So here are some of the facts to get started.

  1.    The worm is a myth

Perhaps one of the most popular known trivia about tequila is the worm lurking at the bottom of the bottle. Well, for those who love tequila and dread that idea, rejoice! It is, in fact, the close relative liquor of tequila, the mezcal which contains the larva of a moth that lives in agave plant. And that practice was done many years ago too. It is also said that consuming the worm can produce hallucination and aphrodisiac effects, which are also not proven to be true.

  1.    It’s made from blue agave

Just the blue agave. There are over 300 varieties of agave and some of them are used in making mezcal. But only the blue agave is used in making tequila. It also has to contain at least 51% blue agave for it to be considered tequila. This means that real deal tequila contains “100% blue agave” in its container. Also, Blue Agave is only matured enough to be harvested after 8–12 years. Doesn’t it make you cherish each shot more?

  1.    Tequila has unique health benefits

Drinking a shot of tequila can do wonders to our bodies. Its main ingredient, blue agave, has a number of health benefits. It helps in type 2 diabetes, it could help prevent dementia, it can aid in metabolism, and it can help people with insomnia to name a few. Tequila also contains fructans which give a supply of probiotics for the drinker. But, as with every other alcohol, it must be consumed with moderation or you can forget about its health benefits and whatever you did last night.

  1.    A tequila bottle can cost $225,000

Okay, that was misleading. Most tequila bottles come in a lot, lot lower prices than that. But it’s also true that a Platinum & White Gold Tequila bottle was sold for $225,000 which is also considered as the priciest bottle of tequila that was ever sold according to the Guinness Book of World Records. We hope it didn’t make your $50 tequila bottle taste bland.

Are you going to love or hate this drink?