Benefits with Drinking Tequila?

You have undoubtedly heard of tequila. You may have heard it referred to being a hangover inside a bottle or a spirit that will possess you and make you do weird, and spontaneous things like- dance on a table. Well, there might be some truth behind it, but that’s not the complete picture of tequila, in fact, it is far from it. And we’ve come to its defense where we list some of the benefits one can receive when drinking tequila in moderation. Of course, moderation is the key.

While there are scientific case studies that prove that too much tequila can make a person confess his undying love to a toilet, that is because of two things: too much and cheap. Moderation in drinking definitely helps and a “100% agave” tequila does not contain congeners, which are harsh to our system and aggravates hangovers.

There’s your meal in front of you. It’s delicious, it’s healthy and you know it. But you just don’t feel like eating it, in fact, you don’t feel like eating anything at all. Would that be a problem? Nope, just grab a tequila. Although you may be tempted to drink the whole bottle, just take a shot. Tequila is shown to stimulate the appetite. And after you’re done with the meal, take another shot. This time for better digestion.

Are you looking for a great gift for an alcohol lover with type 2 diabetes? Sure, red wine sounds good too but tequila is a great choice. Agavins, the natural sugars found in tequila, are non-digestible which means they pass through the system undigested hence preventing blood-sugar spike and at the same time it also stimulates the production of insulin. Out of goodwill, however, you must still make your friend consult a doctor before giving it a shot and don’t forget to remind him not to empty the bottle in one sitting.

Tequila can help a person with a sleeping problem. No, we’re not talking about how you’ll sleep like a hibernating bear for 12 hours, probably half-naked after taking 6 shots of tequila. We’re referring to its relaxing benefits when taken in small amounts, which can calm the nerves and may help in inducing sleep to your tired but non-sleepy body. Don’t depend on it though, just use it as a remedy for your insomnia every once in a while.

Did you know tequila contains probiotics? They are the good bacteria found in yogurts that aid in digestion and help keep your gut healthy. Well, now you know. The fructans found in that liquor supply probiotics to the body. Still, take it in moderation though, your body wouldn’t want too many probiotics, it’ll feel… gassy.